Friday 5 November 2004

Seb's Audio exam

It’s funny how you can work somewhere all your life and never really understand what it is that certain people do in a neighbouring department. Yesterday I got a crash course in what goes on in the Audiology Department; there is one right beside my office at the hospital I work at. I of course knew if was for testing one’s hearing and assessing the level of assistance one would need if necessary. I accompanied Tess and Seb up to the appointment; the first fun part is the waiting. Thankfully there were other children in the waiting area also and so Seb had others to run around with.

The first part of the appointment was sitting with the Dr. for maybe 2 minutes; he looked in Seb’s ears and said, ok, you need the following tests done. So down the hallway we went and once again waited until the “testing” area was free. Once inside I felt strangely as if I was on Star Trek. The assistant explained that Seb would have to sit still for approx 20-30minutes to complete the test. (How many 2/3 year olds can sit still for 10 minutes?). She then explained how the test worked and how when she pit the earphones on him, he was to listen for a sound and then drop a block into a bucket to signify he had heard the sound. So on went the earphones and the first 3 blocks were dropped without a problem. A co-worked of hers barged in twice to the sound proof testing area without any prior warning and interrupted the exam. Then Seb got bored and wanted to play with all of the knobs and instruments that were conveniently within his reach. He basically was being a typical kid. The assistant was saying he was being bad, I reassured he was being good and that this was too complicated for someone his age.

She then informed us that the next test to do would not be ready for a few hours, as it required specialized equipment to do so and it was in use. When Tess then told her that we did not have the time for this and that she would not be able to wait, she went off to check on the equipment and it suddenly was available. This test consisted of sticking a small sponge probe in his ear, drape the cording around his neck and then get him to sit still for 15 minutes on Tess’ lap. He made it approx 5 minutes before the probe would fall out, etc. I asked her if it would possible be easier to put a small piece of tape over the cord as it would stop it from falling out of his ear. This did help, but not for too long. She said she got an “ok” reading and we were to go and wait again in the waiting area (which was now packed).

So we waited, and waited, Seb was starting to power down by this point and he was hungry. Tess and Seb went off the ward for one small moment and sure enough they called his name. Make a long story short, they wouldn’t wait for the 2 minutes needed, and instead made them wait (Tess and Seb) even more. Finally she went in and spoke to the Dr. This whole process took in total close to 2 hours.

After this, Dad and I went downtown, we walked there which takes about an hour, we picked up the 5 rolls of developed film I had dropped off 2 days prior, and picked up some groceries. We got home, checked out the pics and then got ready to go out for dinner with Tess and Charles’s good friend(s) Richard and Natt. I have spoken of Richard before in the last year’s letters. He is a Canadian who has lived here for years and owns many restaurants in the Hong Kong area. He is an avid dog lover, and a good friend to this family. He has met our entire family as everyone who visits here meets and loves Richard. We met at Tony Roma’s after walking approx 20 blocks in high-heeled boots. I am speaking on my own behalf here. I felt like the Jolly Green Giant.

We met at Tony Roma’s (it was nearly impossible to get a reservation), and it was packed. We got a great table, overlooking the harbour, and the 6 of us sat there for 4 hours, chatting, having a good dinner, discussing everything from unions, to government, to taxes, to Canada, etc, etc. It was a great evening. I think Richard, Natt, and Sandi have all now met every member of our family. We piled into Charles’s car and drove home with full intentions of watching a movie, but we all ended up heading straight to bed. It had been a wonderful evening
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