Wednesday 10 November 2004

The Appointment

Auntie Pammie shares about
her trip to Hong Kong.
Today was a special day, as it was the day the whole triplet clan went for a "check-up" at the hospital (thankfully it is located next door to where Tess lives). Tess headed over quite early with Sela and went to pre-pay for the appointments. She headed over shortly after 9:30AM, the appointment was not until 11:30AM. The hospital has a worse "over-booking" procedure protocol than Canada does. After Tess pre-paid we (Dad and I) strolled over with Carys (nicknamed "Carrots and Peas") as she is so tiny and cute) and Jasper (aptly named Tank after the character "Hank the Tank" from the movie Old School). The babies weighed in at 13, 15,and 17lbs respectively, Carys being the smallest, Jasper being the largest. All the babies were so well behaved, and even though they were hungry and not allowed their morning nap, they did very well .

The two girls got "good" bills of health , except for the fact that Sela had now contracted my flu/cold and had been quite sick the night before with a very high temp. They were prescribed cough medication.

Jasper was in fine form , and was drooling and smiling as usual. He also had Auntie's cold,and was coughing from it. He also got a prescription for his lungs and for his coughing..

As soon as all babes had come home, and been fed, we 3 headed out for lunch at one of Richard's restaurants. We had a fantastic lunch consisting of (crab cakes /seabass) for myself,we all even had dessert ( something I do once a year). It was a great afternoon spent chatting with Richard and Nat.

After lunch we were slowly strolling towards the area where we could catch the bus back to the flat, when we ran into Sandi (Yes, "The " Sandi who had spent the American election night with Blake). We ended up going shopping/ window and such with her and had a blast! One store in particular stuck out in my brain , that being the store that supplies paper mache items to be burned with a person when they are cremated. We say items ranging from fake $ to a life sized pingpong table to a small scale of the concord. We were in hysterics in the store at some of the items they offered to sell.

We got home and had a light dinner and went to bed early.
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